When can I get married?

You must be 18 years old to get married unless you have been emancipated (declared an adult) by a court.

What does it mean in legal terms to get married?

Marriage is a contract and a married couple has duties and responsibilities toward one another until one of them dies or the relationship is legally terminated. In a marriage, it is the duty of each spouse to provide support to the other spouse for necessities, and this duty often continues for one spouse if the marriage results in separation or …

What does it mean in legal terms to get divorced?

A divorce is a method of dissolving the legal contract that binds a couple together in marriage. The couple must have “grounds” or legal reasons that allow the court to grant a divorce. To get a divorce in Virginia, one of the following must be shown: Sexual intercourse or sodomy with someone outside the marriage; Conviction of a felony by …

Do I have to go to court to resolve the issues surrounding my divorce?

No. There are several methods for resolving the issues surrounding the ending of your marriage including disputes you may have regarding property, your children, and support. It is a Virginia lawyer’s ethical duty to counsel you regarding mediation, negotiation, and other forms of dispute resolution, as well as to talk to you about the pros and cons of courtroom litigation. …

Does the mother always get custody of the children?

No. In Virginia, both parents stand on equal footing in a custody dispute, and there is no preference for a mother over a father. A judge considers a number of factors in deciding a custody case, but the overriding concern is the best interests of the child.