How are people called to serve on a jury?

Jurors are selected randomly from lists designated by the court, such as the voter registration list and the DMV list. Each individual selected for jury duty will receive a summons from the sheriff that will identify the date, location, and time to report for jury service. Keep in mind that receiving a jury summons does not automatically mean that you will sit on a jury. When you report for jury duty, you should dress appropriately to show respect for the court and for those persons whose case will be heard that day. When you arrive in the courtroom, the judge and the lawyers involved in the particular case will ask you questions about any relationship you may have with the parties or any interest you may have in the outcome of the lawsuit. This process is called “voir dire.” After these questions are asked, the lawyers will have an opportunity to remove jurors from the panel for any reason, other than race and sex, until the jury is reduced to the number of jurors required for that particular case.