What happens if I get too many traffic tickets?

The more traffic convictions you get, the stiffer the penalties. Certain “traffic tickets” call for the court to suspend your license. 

In Virginia, driving violations are rated according to points. When you are convicted of certain violations, your driving record is “pinged” (penalized) with points assigned to those violations. With an accumulation of points your driver’s license can be suspended. Point suspensions depend on age, number of points, and nature of offense. Minor violations are -3 points, major violations are -6 points. When you accumulate a certain number of penalty points, the Department of Motor Vehicles will take action such as requiring you to attend a driver improvement course, conducting an interview with you, placing you on probation, or even revoking your driver’s license. In addition, multiple driving violations will impact the cost of your insurance and possibly your ability to obtain and maintain car insurance. 

Driving improvement classes are also available on a voluntary basis and when completed it will reduce your total overall points.