What if I believe that my lawyer is not handling my case properly?

You should first raise all questions or concerns about the handling of your case with your lawyer. If you and your lawyer still cannot resolve your differences, you have several options: consider hiring a new lawyer; filing a complaint with the Virginia State Bar; mediating or arbitrating a fee dispute; or suing for malpractice.

The Virginia State Bar (VSB) provides all individuals with the opportunity to file complaints about lawyers whom they believe have failed to meet the rules of ethical conduct. To receive an inquiry form from the VSB Intake Department, call 1-804-775-0570 (Richmond), 1-866-548-0873 3 (toll free), or visit the VSB website.

If you are having a dispute with your lawyer over the fee you have been charged, the VSB provides voluntary mediation and/or binding arbitration services to work out these issues. For more information, call 1-804-775-9423, or for a copy of the rules and regulations regarding fee mediation and/or arbitration, visit the VSB website.

The VSB’s website also provides public information concerning lawyers licensed in Virginia.

If you feel your attorney has committed malpractice, you may sue your attorney for damages to recover your losses.