When should I go see a lawyer?

Even though you may have to pay to go and meet with a lawyer to find out about your rights or your liabilities, it is always better to meet with a lawyer and get advice before you get into a legal dispute or go into court. You should consult with a lawyer when: 

  • Planning to enter into a verbal or written contract or agreement that has financial consequences; 
  • Thinking about trying to get out of a verbal or written contract or agreement that is still in effect;
  • Thinking about opening, closing, or makings changes to your own business;
  • You are involved in an accident involving either an injury to yourself or another person or damage to property;
  • You are involved in a court matter such as a criminal case, a civil lawsuit, or a domestic controversy such as paternity, child support, or divorce;
  • Drafting a will or plan for the support of someone after your death;
  • You are considering filing for bankruptcy protection; or
  • You want to learn about your legal position/options on any given matter.